Attention: Owners or Managers of Scaffolding companies with more than 12 Staff or Contractors...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do we provide Setup, Data Conversion, Training and Handover Help?

YES, we will have as many discovery and scenario sessions as required to get you all changed over.

How Big can Scaflog get? 

We only work with companies who have more than 12 staff. Our solution will operate with branches that have 300 staff. The software is built with multiple branches and divisions in mind out of the box.

You can add an Unlimited number of branches or divisions.

How Quick is it to implement?

We are pleased to offer our exclusive White-Glove Setup service, designed to ensure a seamless transition to our platform. This comprehensive onboarding process begins with Discovery and Scenario Planning meetings, where we collaborate closely with your team to understand your specific needs. Following this, our experts will meticulously configure all aspects of our solution to align with your business requirements—be it customizing quote formats, configuring spreadsheet macros, tailoring invoice or claim formats, or setting up specialized checklists and reports.

The typical timeframe for this complete setup ranges from 3 to 6 weeks.

However, the efficiency of this process is contingent upon the availability of a dedicated resource from your end to collaborate with us. This ensures that the transition is not only smooth but also tailored to your unique operational needs

What is the Price?

Our typical clients generate over $150,000 per month in Revenue. Our software licenses start at only USD$21 per staff member or contractor per month and we have a setup fee of between $3k and $15k depending on your size for the configuration, data conversion and training. There is a min of 10 licenses. (nb Amounts in USD)

Do we offer a Discount?

YES, we have 10% discount on the setup if you pay that in one upfront fee.

Is a Credit Card Required?

NO, We invoice you weekly or monthly depending on your preference. You can then pay by Credit Card or ACH or Direct debit transfer.