A cloud/mobile solution for supercharging your scaffold hire & erect business

Our Product Features


To Keep track of how your business is going

See a complete overview of your company with KPI's:

  • Sales Funnel of Quotes into Jobs

  • What work is up

  • What work is to be put up

  • How many Quotes are you doing

  • How much work are you winning

  • What types of work are happening this week and next.


See a Monthly or Weekly view of Activity on your Jobs across various locations/regions :

  • Review Erect/Dismantle site visits by team colour (easily see team capacities)

  • Program Variations, Deliveries or any other type of work you do

  • Review Inspections/Site Audits and who is assigned to complete them

  • Drag and Drop Site Visits on the calendar to easily reschedule work

  • Filter the Calendar on Type of Work or Team

  • Hover your mouse over an Activity and see instantly all the info for that work activity.


See a complete view of all Quotes and Jobs :

  • Quick Access: Use a simple RIGHT CLICK menu for integrated job information

  • Effortless Search: Google-like search by Client, Work site, Reference, Status, or Date

  • Visual Clarity: Color-coded job stages and urgency for easy tracking

  • Print and Export: Easily print or export the job list for sharing

  • Seamless Transition: Quotes transform into multi-stage, trackable jobs with estimated dates

  • Online Proposals: Send proposals/quotes with acceptance and eSignatures


Empower Field Leaders: Real-Time Information for Office Updates!

See a complete overview of your company with KPI's:

  • JobPack Review: Access notes, checklists, and photos with one click

  • One-Page Learning: Easy and quick updates on mobile devices in the field

  • Flexible Timesheets: Update time allocation for various work types (Erects, Installs, etc.)

  • Configurable Time Entry: Choose start and end times or keep it simple

  • Comprehensive Safety Checks: Complete Pre-starts, Handovers, Hazard checks, and more

  • Team Time Management: Team leaders can enter time on behalf of members or use the Clock on/off module


One of the problems with a growing scaffolding business is keeping an eye on everything going on. Our mapping module shows you where all the work is coming from. Where you are working at present.

You can access which phases are being worked on.

Plus we provide you with all the worksite photos that the your team has been taking.

You can see quickly which worksites have had safety assessments and inspections completed.

Mobile Inspections

and Safety Assessments with Photos...

Utilise Native iOS and Android apps for mobile staff to :

  • Fill out Pre Starts or Handover certificates for work

  • Complete Inspection Checklists and Risk Assessments

  • Take photos of work progress on the Mobile App

  • Report Risk levels and auto notify management or clients if a problem exists

  • Site Specific Safety Plans and Hazard analysis for job

  • Record an Accident or Incident in the field and document in the app with photos and tie to the Job (no paper required)

  • Effortlessly Connect Checklists to Job Activities with Quick Access – No More Wasting Time on Disconnected Systems or Paper!


Using a simple interface, capture your staff clocking on and off at remote sites...

  • Capture a photo of the person clocking to compare their face to their pin number entered

  • Record the GPS location of the clocking and STOP or WARN staff if they are NOT clocking from the correct job site address

  • Ask questions of staff at clocking and also capture travel kms, specific health and safety questions and the activity they are working on.

  • Create a Timesheet from the clocking directly into the system for Approval, Review, Rule processing and Sync to Payroll

  • For Safety and ensuring a Work site is cleared you can easily pull up WHO is ONSITE and when staff or contractors left.


From the Clocking on and off modules and the timesheeting or time allocation in the Onsite Modules you can then approve and review timesheets for processing to payroll...

  • Team Leader Approve timesheets from the field

  • Manager Approve timesheets from the field

  • Adjust timesheets from the field before processing to payroll

  • Review a Pay Summary of the pay week

  • Set the DAY of the Week for pay period start

  • Setup RULES for pre processing timesheets to payroll, (For example: time and half if over 9 hours, or double time on sunday etc)


Capture the complete training records and HR detail needed for staffing your scaffolding company including:

  • Complete Training Course History

  • Staff Certifications with expiry reminders

  • Training Details for sending to Clients (nb. integrated to Client Portal , see the Client Portal section for more info on the portal)


You won't need to upgrade servers or buy new hardware as GoScaffold will run on device. See below for details:

  • Run on any Internet Connection (NB. Min Specs for effective usage: 10mbps download and 5mbps upload plus sub 30ms ping time)

  • Cloud Webapp for desktop data entry

  • Native iOS and Android apps for mobile working. 95% of all functionality is available on the mobile apps

  • Internet connection is required ALL THE TIME (3G minimum, 4G optimal) NB. No Offline mode at present.

  • No Storage limits

  • Data is backed up in 3 data centres and also available with a request to support.


If you are living in a country that has other languages than English then we have the perfect solution already:

  • German

  • Italian

  • Polish

  • Spanish

  • Finnish

  • Arabic (right to left)

  • Chinese

  • MANY More... (just ask)


Provide your clients with a PORTAL that they can :

  • Request a Quote

  • Review Current Quotes (or Reprint or Accept online)

  • Review Current Accepted Jobs and their Progress

  • Review ALL Site Visit Activity (Erects, Dismantles, Variations, Inspections & Hireage) COMING SOON

  • Review Health and Safety plus Compliance Checklists COMING SOON

  • Review Old Quotes and Jobs


Invoicing will drop from 2 to 3 days to 2 to 3 hours PLUS you can invoice during the month to improve cashflow. All the scheduling and calendars in the other modules feed into the invoicing. Then you can:

  • Fully control which portions of an invoice are produced.

  • Have all the hire calculations and days/weeks generated with NO manual adding

  • Provide deposit invoices or invoices on dismantle

  • Handle variations to scope and decide whether to invoice or not

  • Sync your Invoices and Contacts to your accounting system based in the cloud

  • SEE BELOW for the Integration we also have with ONLINE accounting packages... (MYOB, Freshbooks, Quickbooks, Wave and Xero)


The alerting system acts like another staff member, working 24 x 7 without a break ensuring your team does NOT miss a thing.

The software actively monitors all your data and sends email alerts to managers about problems or issues that need addressing. This saves HOURS of manual time and makes your staff super efficient. We have alerts and reminders for:

  • Staff Expiring Dates (Like Harness certification or Drivers licenses)

  • Time Sensitive Quotes

  • Quotes that need to be followed up


We support multiple methods of tracking your gear and equipment. See below for the methods and options we offer:

  • Gear utilisation based on SQM tracking with Deliveries of an approximated SQM amount. (n.b. Linear metres or weight based deliveries are also supported for various types of products)

  • Gear utilisation based on Item Level tracking with Deliveries to Yards, Worksites and various transfers between.

  • Gear Inventory tracking on individual part and location codes.

  • Import Gear lists from popular CAD packages (Smart scaffolder and Avontus) so Quotes can include proposed gear listing


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