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How to Price your Scaffold Charges

July 10, 20231 min read

One of the questions I get from our scaffolding clients is how should we charge and what should we charge clients.

These discussions can be a whole strategy session in themselves and the number of factors is bewildering at times.

Here’s a bullet point list on some of the factors that our clients look at:

  • Whether to provide an inclusive price per Face Metre/Yard basis or separate out all the add-on costs (like Travel or Freight or Accommodation) ?

  • Is the price based on all gear supplied or on a SQM basis?

  • Does the price include all variations and if NOT then what are the variation charges (what is there basis i.e. per hour or per SQM)?

  • Is any weekly hire included in the setup and dismantle charges (i.e. 2 free weeks)?

  • Are you getting a deposit amount on setup and the remainder on dismantle?

  • Is their a use of money charge if the job goes longer than expected?

  • Is freight included (are they your trucks or are you using a freight company? Which is cheaper)?

  • Are you factoring in yard time to the price for load up and take down?

  • Are you allowing for gear that is old, or broken or stolen?

  • What is the cost of buying the gear and the finance charges if any, so what is your return on investment period?

We have been developing a online tools to build simple Scaffolding quotes…

Let us know if you are interested in using it...

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