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22 Systems you Need in a Scaffolding Company (At least)

November 01, 20232 min read

Here is the BIG LIST (ACTION: Print it out and walk around the office and see how many you have)

  1. Answering EVERY phone call and email enquiry into the business (you have spent money and time making the phone ring so DON' T miss any business) You could use a virtual reception company to backup your phones so nothing is missed. i.e.  

  2. Record every QUOTE REQUEST you get and allow everyone to get access to it so NOTHING is MISSED or doubled up

  3. System for drawing up the Scaffolds (small and large scaffolds probably require different approaches)

  4. Provide a checklist to the people doing QUOTES and PROPOSALS so you provide a consistent service.

  5. Capture the POINT of ACCEPTANCE from the client (either signing it or getting back to you with approval to go ahead)

  6. Producing the Gear List for loading onto the Trucks (and possibly a timeframe and delivery schedule) OR do you just load the trucks up and build what you require (this means a reduced number of trips back to the yard if you mis-calculated gear requirements)

  7. Schedule and Resource allocation of Erect, Dismantle, Variation and Inspection visits to the worksites

  8. System for Checking that all Pre-work notices and tasks are completed before going onsite

  9. Method of recording the initial Site Safety and Hazard Assessment (photos help) plus getting alerts of previously identified hazards is also useful

  10. Recording what happened during the Onsite work (who was there, how long, were there any problems)

  11. Handover process for informing clients of a safe scaffold for working

  12. How to approach VARIATIONS to the original Job spec (Who pays, who authorises, the reason, how much time, was there less or more scaffold added and whats the charge)

  13. Generating the Invoices for Setup, Dismantle, Variation and Hire Charges

  14. Answering Client Requests needs a recording system to track if things are done as the client requests (this is where an online client portal can reduce staff time in answering client enquiries)

  15. Recruiting Staff

  16. Hiring, Inducting and Training staff (with records of everything they do)

  17. Paying staff (systems for tracking important payroll information)

  18. Pricing your Services (setting the prices on services and what you are prepared to charge clients. If worked out prior to quoting then you will know when a quote is un profitable and not worth pursuing)

  19. Paying suppliers (systems for tracking who you have paid, how much and what for)

  20. Monthly Financial position reporting (using an accounting system or accountant)

  21. Reporting to the board or management (with key indicators on the business and safety reports)

  22. Maintaining Vehicles and Equipment (ensuring important dates are not missed)

There are OTHER systems required to run a scaffolding company but this will give you a good checklist to review with management. If you wanted some new software that did ALL THIS FOR YOU then give us a call or email now...

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